The Israeli Society for Patient Safety and Risk Management in Healthcare (ISRM)

The Israeli Society for Patient Safety and Risk Management  in Healthcare (ISRM)

The vision of ISRM is in promoting the safety of medical treatment in the Israeli medical system, based   on cooperation with all the parties in the system, the knowledge and experience of physicians, nurses, medical staff and other disciplines. ISRM operates in a variety of approaches and creative thinking to decrease the scope of errors and failures during medical care and minimizing their impact on patients, caregivers and the medical institutions.

ISRM is the successor of the Israeli Forum for Patient Safety, which operated in the years 2006-2013, and beyond other activities organized the "Ashqelon Conferences" and scientific conferences on Patient Safety and Medical Risk Management, and developed curricula for Medical Risk Managers and more.

The association was registered in IMA (Israeli Medical Association) in 2014, but started its activities after the founding meeting on 20.03.2017.

ISRM is directed by a steering committee of 17 members, representing all the parties of the Israeli medical system: Ministry of Health, HMOs, insurance companies, IDF and more.

The society is managed by: Prof. Ami Fishman (Chairman), Dr. Mira Kohonovski (Secretary) and Dr. Yehudit Lapinski (Treasurer).

ISRM steering committee members are: Prof. Yaron Niv, Prof. Amitai Ziv, Prof. Shaul Dolberg, Dr. Orly Manor, Dr. Yossi Tal, Adv. Limor Ashcenazi, Adv. Alona Sigler, Dr. Mohammed Morad, Dr. Arik Stone, Talma Peer, Mrs. Dana Arad

ISRM is inviting hereby all the active professionals in the fields of patient safety, medical risk management and managers in the Israeli Medical System, to join the lines and participate in fulfilling its vision.